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Strategic Game Plan: A Comprehensive Guide of Eversoul

General Recommendations

1. Capitalize on Available Codes

In an ever-changing game environment, it’s imperative to make use of the available codes as soon as they’re released. These valuable assets often offer extra gems and pulls, which are essential for advancing in the game. You can conveniently locate new codes on our Discord channel or our Home page.

2. The Fallacy of Rerolling

Contrary to popular belief, rerolling is essentially a futile endeavor in an idle game. The promise of an additional copy of an Epic holds little value in the grand scheme. The game provides an infinite newbie banner, exempting Angels and Demons, from which players can acquire one Epic of their choice.

3. Harvesting Rewards

During the initial couple of days, you’ll perform around 100-150 pulls, garnering an abundance of tickets and Everstones from progressing and participating in events.

4. Embrace Skepticism

In the early stages (first 1-2 weeks), approach any tier list with a healthy skepticism. Given the novelty of the game, character rating becomes a speculative task.

5. Optimize with Automation

In the Release Soul screen, engage the checkbox to automatically release Normal rarity units, a move that will conserve a significant amount of your time.


Wise Expenditure of Everstones

1. Embrace the Power of the 10-pull

Once you’ve amassed enough tickets or Everstones (2100), carry out a 10-pull.

2. Prioritize Character Summoning

The majority of your earned Everstones (90%) should be directed towards summoning new characters. This game heavily leans on duplicates and fodder; thus, abstaining from pulls might result in stagnation.

Mastering Progression

1. Adopt a Leveling Strategy

Ensure that your primary damage dealer stays ten levels above the rest of your team, with equal leveling amongst the remaining members. This tactic aids in swift progression.

2. Harness the Power of Synergy and Bonuses

Post the first six chapters, exploiting Faction bonuses and using characters with synergy becomes a crucial strategy. Upon reaching Chapter 7, aim to assemble a team with at least the same 3 faction bonus. For potential synergies, refer to this comprehensive guide.

3. Explore Different Formations

Don’t shy away from experimenting with different Formations. Even minor adjustments within a formation can dramatically influence the battle’s outcome.

4. Utilize Rebecca’s Anti-Healing Ability

The free Rebecca character you gain after completing Chapter 5 is a significant asset. As an anti-healer, she’s a potent counter to the healing-heavy teams you’ll encounter from Chapter 7 onwards.

5. Benefit from the Hire Soul Feature

Located in the Friends tab, the Hire Soul feature simplifies progression significantly. Each day, it enables you to hire five characters from your friends and use each one to complete a stage. However, only cleared stages count as used, so don’t fear failure. Unlike other idle games where you can hire a character for an entire week but only use it once, in this game, daily re-hiring is an option. So, seize this opportunity and employ high-level friends to support you.

6. Optimize Resource Box Usage

Avoid instantly opening resource boxes; instead, use them when you’ve hit a wall. The number of resources a box yields depends on your storyline progress, thus opening them later results in greater rewards.

Level Sync Strategy

1. Focus on Five

Once you’ve unlocked the Level Sync feature (post clearing stage 2-25), aim to level up only five characters. This feature allows these characters to match the level of your top 5 (the lowest among them).

2. Surpass Level Cap Limitations

Level Sync bypasses level cap restrictions. Should you wish to include a particular character in your team that has reached her level cap, introduce her into the Level Sync. If your top 5 characters surpass her limit, she’ll be elevated beyond it.

3. Leverage Ascending Rare Characters

You have the ability to ascend five Rare characters (4 from various factions and double up on one) up to Legendary+ (translating to a 160 level cap). Eventually, these characters can be used as fodder to boost your Epics further, ensuring no wastage.

The Art of Character Flexibility

1. Experiment with Confidence

Don’t hesitate to experiment with different characters. You can reset them at any given moment and retrieve all the resources used to level them up. It may cost a few Everstones, but with the Monthly Pass, it’s complimentary.

2. Everstones Slot Expansion

Investing in additional slots for Everstones can prove advantageous, facilitating progression through the Faction Gates. The rewards you obtain here are indeed quite substantial.

3. Synchro Device Removal Consequences

Be wary that removing a character from the Synchro Device comes with a significant penalty; a 24-hour wait is required to place a new character in that slot.

Mastering Game Modes

1. Timing in the Hall of Memories

Aim to complete your Hall of Memories run as close to the weekly reset as possible during the initial weeks. As you gain power swiftly in the early game and unlock higher difficulties, you’ll reap better resources and access to features locked behind higher difficulties.

2. Navigating the Gate Breakthrough

Upon unlocking the Faction Gates (post clearing stage 8-35) in Gate Breakthrough, even a 3-man team can push through the first 10-20 levels. Don’t shy away from attempting, as the rewards are well worth it.

Utilizing the Zodiac System

1. Account-Level Correspondence

Each account level corresponds to one point in the Zodiac System. For example, at level 50, you’ll have 50 points to allocate.

2. Strategic Investment in Signs

Despite the allure of investing in Signs that provide stats, prioritize Aries, Cancer, and Pisces. These Signs enhance the quantity of Gold, Mana Crystal, and Mana Dust you obtain from idle rewards.

Leveraging Artifacts

1. Unlocking Artifacts

After clearing stage 4-10, you’ll unlock Artifacts and gain access to the Artifact banner. We recommend you first pull one copy of Artifacts for your wishlist characters.

2. The Benefits of Artifacts

Artifacts not only offer a substantial stat boost but also provide an additional skill when paired with the appropriate character.

3. Navigating Artifact Duplication

Don’t focus on obtaining duplicate Artifacts due to the uncertainty of the end-game meta. Instead, pull the basic version of the Artifact for each character you possess, and start saving tickets until you finalize your team composition.

4. Artifact Enhancement and Leveling

Hold off on enhancing or leveling Artifacts for now (only level one to 4 for the quest).

Managing Your Town

1. Building Over Beautification

Prioritize purchasing Building imprints over aesthetic enhancements like trees. While they offer the same Fame (as it’s tied to cost), buildings unlock more missions and enhance your characters’ combat stats.

2. Reap the Benefits of Friendships

Make daily visits to your friends’ towns and eliminate the monsters there. Each cleared town rewards you with 10 Hearts, equivalent to one pull on the Friendly banner.

3. Engage in Part-Time Jobs

Don’t forget to assign your characters to part-time jobs, a source of resources and other useful items.

4. Watch for Town Cycles

Every four hours, the Town changes its cycle, and new missions can appear. The appearance of a red dot on the Town icon in the lobby indicates the presence of new missions.

Making the Most of the Cash Shop

1. Spending Wisely

A single dollar investment rewards you with Talia, a formidable early game carry.

2. Identifying Value Packs

The Growth Pack offers the best value in the game.

3. Sync Pass Benefits

The Sync Pass is cost-effective and provides additional materials and pulls.

4. Monthly Subscriptions

Both Monthly subs are worthwhile, but the Manon Pack provides an array of quality of life features in addition to numerous Everstones.

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