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Ruthra – The Comprehensive Raid Guide

Ruthra’s Mechanics: Mastering the Passive – Manipulating Causality

Arguably, the most pivotal facet of this raid involves understanding Ruthra’s passive, named ‘Manipulating Causality’. This formidable boss becomes impervious to almost all critical hits, courtesy of this passive (except guaranteed critical skills such as Lizelotte’s, which are still effective). Furthermore, it immobilizes your team’s ultimate abilities, thereby underlining the importance of transitioning into a DPS phase via a stun when the boss deploys its main skill for maximizing overall damage.

Ruthra, being independent of mana and immune to speed reduction, follows a rather straightforward and consistent rotation, as outlined below:

  • Normal > Smash > Normal > Dissolve > Normal > Punishment > Main Skill

Unraveling Ruthra’s Abilities

The ordinary attacks and ‘Smash’ are not of significant concern. However, ‘Dissolve’ brings down your team’s defense and induces critical vulnerability, while ‘Punishment’ debilitates their attack. The main skill is of utmost importance; this is the critical juncture where you deploy a skill that stuns to interrupt the boss for the DPS phase.

Dissolve (The Colossal Eye Laser)

‘Dissolve’ imposes the initial debuffs on your team. However, for the most part, these can be disregarded since the subsequent ‘Punishment’ debuff proves to be a more detrimental adversary.

Punishment (Rocketing Fists)

This attack debuff significantly impairs your DPS units, as it is unleashed just before the DPS phase. Consequently, you’ll want to enlist a unit with a cleanse function to eliminate it immediately. Suitable cleanse units will be deliberated in the ‘recommended units’ segment of this guide.

The Main Skill

Ruthra’s main attack is at the heart of this raid. Post ‘Punishment’, Ruthra’s rune lights metamorphose from purple to blue, initiating the manifestation of a large orb of light that conjures a massive sword of light, which Ruthra uses to attack you. The boss becomes susceptible to stun skills just after the rune lights turn blue. If you miss this opportunity to stun the boss, it deploys its main skill which significantly injures your team and deprives your team’s DPS by missing the DPS phase. Keep an eye out for this icon on the boss’s status bar:

A well-timed stun during this debuff incapacitates the boss, ensuring guaranteed critical hits on it, and reinstates your team’s ultimate abilities. It also makes the boss more vulnerable to critical damage. This moment is the ideal opportunity to release all your DPS skills (the DPS phase).

Worth noting, while the boss’s attack pace remains unchanged irrespective of your moves, your reflexes on the stun mechanic could potentially influence the number of DPS phases you can execute! The final stun phase typically gets truncated if your timing isn’t immaculate. However, with exceptional efficiency throughout the game, you could potentially pull off a final stun with roughly 2 seconds to spare. Severing the boss’s main attack skill animation prematurely by stunning as soon as the window opens can result in significant benefits, affording you one last chance to unleash all your skills on a weakened boss just before the battle concludes.

The Defense Debuffs Conundrum

Another mechanic that warrants attention is the application of defense debuffs. When Ruthra’s defense is under the effects of a debuff, it succumbs to increased damage. Thus, selecting characters endowed with these abilities can enhance your overall damage performance.

AD: The Most Valuable Characters for the Raid

Cleanse Characters

Among the four recommended cleanse characters, Prim, Talia, and Erika emerge as the easiest to use, primarily because Jiho’s cleanse is associated with her subskill and may not activate when required.

Prim seamlessly integrates into the typical undead team, adding excellent buffs and a defense debuff.

Talia, versatile in various team compositions, brings a trove of buffs.

Erika, functional in most teams, has a defense debuff; however, her use might be a tad challenging as her heal is a targeted AoE. Her usage might get complicated in a team that is bifurcated between melee and ranged DPS.

Stun Characters

While many characters possess stun abilities, a select few stand out in this raid.

Aira, an essential raid character, offers ample utility, including defense reduction and an on-demand stun main skill. She is particularly advantageous for Free-to-Play (F2P) players as she doesn’t require high ascension.

Erusha fits perfectly into the standard undead raid team, bringing an on-demand stun and increased Damage over Time (DoT) to boost Violette’s damage output. She is another viable F2P option, although she is frail at low ascensions and may need support to avoid high boss damage stacks.

Haru, a prevalent raid character, often paired with Lizelotte due to her substantial team-wide attack buff, stuns with her main skill. Nevertheless, she may be more effectively utilized as a DPS if you can designate another character for stun.

Renee’s substantial damage output and effectiveness as a stunner, even at low ascensions, have made her an excellent choice.

Velanna is a good substitute for Erusha if you’re struggling to prevent Erusha’s premature demise.

Linzy is a reasonable secondary DPS option. Other characters, while viable, may not fit into teams as seamlessly for reasons such as low DPS or compatibility issues with team compositions.

Defense Reduction Characters

Certain characters integrate into teams with more ease than others. Aira, Erika, and Prim serve dual purposes in this raid’s mechanics and thus, come highly recommended.

Lizelotte’s unparalleled damage output has made her a raid staple.

Violette, another raid staple, has been prominent since the game’s inaugural raid.

Garnet brings significant debuffs to boost your team’s damage, making her an excellent addition to many teams.

Miriam, due to her recent buffs and fairy advantage over Ruthra, is a viable main DPS, if she’s well invested.

Lastly, other characters can be used as filler with decent personal damage, and Linzy even brings stuns, serving a dual purpose.

Main DPS Characters

Usually, the highest invested characters make the best DPS options, but a few stand out in this raid.

Lizelotte’s critical hit guarantee even bypasses Ruthra’s no-crit passive, making her the standard for bossing.

Violette, an original bossing character, possesses excellent ramp-up damage, and her easy-to-build undead team has fantastic synergy, working on nearly every boss so far. She is also F2P-friendly as she works effectively without much investment.

Vivienne’s buffs and rapid skill usage make her shine in this raid, especially given Ruthra’s undead nature.

Miriam, post buffs, is a great addition to the DPS options, with her defense debuffs, physical defense shred, and fairy type advantage.

Renee, another recent addition, brings considerable DPS if invested in, with fairy advantage working favorably against the undead boss.

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