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Navigating Eversoul Artifacts: An Essential Guide for New Players

Greetings to all Eversoul enthusiasts! If you’re seeking avenues to advance your in-game progression, then you’re in the right place. This guide aims to enlighten you about Eversoul artifacts, one of the most potent game-enhancing elements.

Indeed, artifacts are not created equal in Eversoul, and their impact on your gameplay significantly depends on your character. Unfolding the nuances and intricacies associated with artifacts can be a daunting task for beginners. However, with this guide, you’re about to unlock the secrets that will transform your gameplay experience and help you evolve into the most formidable version of your in-game character.

If you’re a novice player aspiring to optimize your gameplay, this guide, filled with key details and insights on artifacts, will be your faithful companion throughout your journey in Eversoul. Together with the LDPlayer 9 on your PC, these artifact strategies will elevate your gaming experience.

Getting to Know Artifacts

In Eversoul, not every artifact is instantly accessible to new players. These treasured game elements gradually unlock as you progress in the game. Meaning, you’ll need to hone your battle skills and strategize your gameplay to uncover all the artifacts.

Our pro tip to expedite artifact unlocking is by leveraging the Eversoul summoning system. However, note that the artifact summoning section only becomes visible once you’ve made substantial progress in the game.

Eversoul provides you with recommendations based on your preferences, and also allows you the freedom to choose from your wish list. When it comes to artifact selection, base your decision on your characters. Once you unlock artifacts, revisit your team, select your top three artifacts, and proceed with summoning. For optimal gameplay, we advise equipping your primary five Eversoul characters with their unique artifacts, which will significantly enhance their performance and power in combat.

Deploying the right artifacts can augment your characters’ attack strength, combat power, and increase HP, among other benefits, all based on a percentage. Thus, they are an indispensable asset for a well-rounded Eversoul team.

Resources for Acquiring Artifacts

Everstones are the currency for obtaining artifacts. Therefore, prudent Everstone management is crucial. Accumulate a substantial amount before you consider summoning. Don’t get overzealous and deplete your Everstones solely on summoning; remember to reserve some for your artifacts.

Note, though the game provides summoning tickets for artifacts, their quantity is limited and mainly obtainable from daily quests, shop purchases, and memory drops.

Mastering Artifact Skills and Ascension

Artifacts are character-dependent, each having a distinct ascension process. When you access the artifact menu, you’ll see three options: details, enhance, and ascend. Each plays a crucial role in your gameplay strategy.

For instance, if you’ve chosen a healer class, the associated artifact will amplify your HP. On the other hand, a damage unit will give you the most potent attack, courtesy of the respective artifact. These stats apply to every artifact currently in use.

Keep in mind that the artifact enhancement process is costly, requiring artifact stones available from levels 1 to 10. These stones primarily drop from part-time jobs, the hall of memories, and the loot. Different artifact stones serve different levels, making them essential elements to gather.

The Art of Ascension: Harnessing Your Artifacts

While it’s challenging to ascertain the best meta or main units for each game segment, our advice is not to rush the enhancement process. Instead, focus on ascending your artifacts. Ascension unlocks different artifact levels, potentially providing access to higher levels of power.

Emphatically, do not rush to enhance your artifacts. For successful artifact ascension, you’ll require the Artifact Memory: Verja. A total of 100 of these will be needed to ascend an artifact, a strategy that can significantly increase its special skills and maximum level.

Remember, your artifacts scale with your character. As you level up your character, your artifacts also amplify, becoming more potent in combat. However, an artifact that doesn’t correspond to its specified character will offer minimal impact.

Acquiring Artifact Stones: A Walk Through the Hall of Memories

One crucial aspect of this guide is the acquisition of artifact stones via the Hall of Memories. Here, you encounter Traders offering various items, including the coveted artifact stones. This process presents an opportunity to purchase artifact stones for enhancing your Eversoul gameplay.

Your One-Stop-Shop for Artifacts

Eversoul boasts several shops, including a dedicated artifact shop. Here, you can acquire any material you desire, including items for upgrading your artifacts. We highly recommend purchasing these items as they significantly enhance your combat power and character development.

Acquiring artifacts from the shop will, of course, require artifact stones. Moreover, advanced artifact stones, available from levels 11 to 20, can be used for enhancing your artifacts.

Investing in Packs for Quicker Progression

To conclude this guide, we have a special bonus tip for accelerating your in-game progress: buying packs. While not suitable for free-to-play gamers due to their cost, the four types of packs (Limited, Growth, Monthly, and Regular) offer considerable benefits. We believe the Monthly sub-pack to be the most beneficial.

Despite seeming less impactful, this pack provides increased loot time, free reset for soul levels, extended quick hunt looting time, free quick hunts, and an option to skip battles, among others. Importantly, this pack also offers daily stones, which can be used to purchase artifacts.

Wrapping Up

This guide provides you with comprehensive insights into the world of Eversoul artifacts. We hope these tips help you optimize your choices and make significant in-game progress. Knowledge of how to effectively utilize your artifacts and where to acquire them will undoubtedly give you a competitive edge in the game. Embark on your Eversoul journey with confidence, knowing you have the tools to succeed.

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