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Mastering the Charite Raid: A Comprehensive Guide

Understanding Charite’s Mechanics

When engaging in the Charite guild raid, it’s pivotal to note that Charite is perhaps one of the most uncomplicated guild raid bosses we’ve encountered. Given that it’s the inaugural boss, this relative simplicity is expected. The vital mechanic to grapple with in this raid revolves around the concept of mana absorption. The key to excel in this raid is the strategic deployment of characters capable of providing shields.

Charite’s skill rotation is notably succinct, as she refrains from employing her main skill unless her mana bar reaches capacity. It’s important to remember that the utilization of her main skill doesn’t interrupt her rotation. As such, whenever her mana bar fills, she will execute her main skill, then continue the rotation from where she paused.

Here is her standard skill sequence:

  1. Normal
  2. Charge
  3. Normal
  4. Bombardment
  5. Absorption

The Normal attacks and Charge don’t possess any exceptional qualities. However, in the later stages of the fight, as Charite accrues attack stacks, the Charge ability can inflict massive damage. Bombardment applies an attack debuff to your entire team, which can either be cleansed or simply waited out. Absorption is the primary mechanic to pay attention to, which will be elucidated in detail in this guide.

Deciphering Bombardment and Absorption

Bombardment: Often referred to as “Sky lasers”, this imposes a 25% attack debuff on your whole team. This can significantly diminish your damage output if you don’t cleanse it or allow it to wear off before utilizing skills.

Absorption: Dubbed “the succ”, this is the raid’s focal mechanic. Upon employing this skill, Charite gradually fills her mana bar. However, if it’s used on a shielded character, it drains her mana instead. Absorption invariably targets the character with the highest current HP (not max HP). Consequently, enabling a specific character to be the target of this ability can significantly simplify your strategy. Shield characters, either self-shielding (like Petra, Soonie) or shielding others (like Seeha, Catherine), are mandatory for every team.

It’s critical to apply the shield before Absorption commences, as the skill will stun the targeted character unless the shield is up. On the other hand, even if the shield is activated after the attack has already initiated, the mana drain effect will still occur. Therefore, a tardy shield is still preferable to no shield.

Thwarting Charite from executing her main skill is advantageous both for DPS (as she temporarily becomes untargetable while ascending to use her skill) and survival (as it will likely decimate your team later in the fight). Details about shield characters and their timing will be explored further in the character section, as each character presents unique nuances with their shields.

The Perils of Charite’s Main Skill

If you witness Charite unleashing her main skill, it’s a clear indication of a strategic error. Charite will resort to her main skill, breaking the rotation pattern, whenever her mana bar fills. The mana bar can fill through several means: whenever Charite employs a skill, by receiving excessive damage from your team, and via Absorption. Observing her mana bar when deploying skills is crucial, and an opportune moment to release skills if she’s near to capacity is during the Absorption skill, since any mana she gains during this phase will be depleted at the end (assuming she’s using Absorption on a shielded character).

Utilizing Attack Debuffs

Another significant mechanic to bear in mind is the use of attack debuffs. Charite incurs additional damage while its attack is debuffed, hence characters possessing abilities that enable this can potentially enhance your overall damage output.

Identifying Beneficial Characters

Embracing Shield Bearers

As stated earlier, shields are the quintessential mechanic for the Charite battle. Each of the following characters can be a valuable addition to your teams. For optimal performance in this raid, it is recommended to include at least one of these in every team.

Soonie: The recent enhancements to Soonie’s abilities have positioned her as a particularly effective Absorption tank, tailor-made for this raid. She possesses two shields, one being her main skill that can be strategically timed. In addition, she has the longest attack debuff in the game, thus augmenting her team’s DPS, an added advantage!

Catherine: Catherine’s shield, attached to her main, aligns well with the timing requirements without necessitating any special adaptations. Her invulnerability field can be a boon if correctly aligned. Be cautious, though, her shield only operates in melee range, so your highest HP unit needs to be within her range.

Petra: Petra seamlessly integrates into the customary Undead team. However, her shield needs some tweaking to work effectively. She requires either a 2-piece speed set or a Rebecca on the team for speed boosting. Make sure not to interrupt any of her skills with her main skill, as it can disrupt her rotation and prevent her shield from being effective at the right time. Petra’s main skill should only be used between her sub-skills.

Seeha: Seeha is another excellent shield option, but like Catherine, she operates only in melee range. As her shields aren’t tied to her main skill, the success relies on rotation timing. A 2-piece speed set can aid in aligning her shield timing, and you can also employ some skill animation cancelling techniques.

The Need for Cleanse

Cleanse isn’t strictly essential in this fight since the debuff duration is relatively short and the DPS phase isn’t confined to a specific window like in Ruthra. Nonetheless, characters with cleanse abilities can be valuable as they provide other buffs, debuffs, and heals.

Integrating Attack Down Characters

Although not utterly indispensable in this raid, incorporating characters with attack down abilities into teams where they fit can increment your overall DPS.

Garnet: Her entire kit is extraordinarily well-suited for raids, providing crit damage bonuses and defense reduction. Including her in any of your teams usually results in a noticeable boost.

Violette: She should already be a part of your Undead team, given her central role. Her contribution is a nice bonus in her kit.

Petra: Already present as the shielder for your Undead team. The Undead team is usually well-stacked.

Miriam: A worthwhile addition to physical-based teams as she shreds physical defense and inflicts decent damage herself. While her attack debuff is short and slow to apply, it adds a small bonus to an otherwise useful character.

Erika: She’s not very popular in this raid, but she has considerable potential. She offers attack and defense down, cleanse, and heals. Her Ultimate’s invulnerability, although less commonly used, allows you to run the Master Killer Armor and bypass its instakill function!

Mica: Only beneficial if you’re running Seeha on a team.

Chloe: Primarily useful as a filler if you need an HP tank for absorption and can’t boost anyone else’s HP high enough.

The Main DPS Characters

The usual suspects here probably need no introduction, but for the sake of completeness, let’s mention them.

The Undead Team: A staple for every raid, easy to assemble, fantastic synergy, and functions well even at low ascensions! Some variations of this team exist, as Rebecca might be needed to speed boost Petra for shield timing.

Lizelotte-centric: No raid is complete without the Lize team! Haru and at least two other melee-ish characters to activate her passive form the core of this team. Variations can include Garnet for extra debuffs.

Human Team+: This team allows for many variations. In this set-up, Linzy can be replaced with Cherrie, Vivi with Miriam. Another variation exists which uses a 3-back 2-front formation and the Lunatic’s Sword item. This formation lets the Lunatic’s sword buff effect hit Aki after she uses her main skill once, positioning herself far enough from Talia and Cath.

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