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Building the Ideal Team: A Strategic Guide

Laying the Foundation: The Importance of Team Building

As you delve deeper into the gaming world, the significance of constructing an adept team becomes glaringly apparent, particularly by the time you reach Chapter 7. Here, adversaries not only demonstrate higher Combat Power, but also display meticulously curated teams, no longer composed of random characters. Instead, these teams are designed to synergize and create intriguing, and often formidable, compositions.

Consequently, it is vital that around Chapter 6, you thoroughly assess the characters at your disposal, thereby enabling an informed decision regarding the strategic path you wish to tread. One crucial aspect to remember is that the characters you ascend past ‘Epic’ may not invariably be the ones included in your team. The game might inundate you with copies of a character you neither favour nor desire to utilize, yet ascending these characters might still be in the cards.

Building Towards the First Faction Bonus

A pertinent objective at this juncture would be to orchestrate a team that, at the very least, can leverage the benefits of the initial Faction bonus. To attain this, you must incorporate at least three characters from the same faction into your team, resulting in a 10% augmentation in ATK and HP for all your characters. The following roster details characters that players will invariably receive, free of cost, within the first two days (Seeha and Mephi have been intentionally excluded, considering it would take approximately a week to acquire them.

Unlocking Potential: Effective Synergies

Discovering potent synergies can significantly enhance the performance of certain characters. A few noteworthy examples are detailed below:

Honglan Paired with Talia/Vivienne

With her formidable damage output and speed manipulation capabilities, Honglan is currently perceived as the most potent character in the game, consequently simplifying gameplay. However, her primary limitation is her slow speed, which prolongs the casting of her skills. This setback can be mitigated by coupling her with Talia or Vivienne (or potentially both), who amplify her mana and speed, effectively working around this weakness.

Mica in Unison with Seeha

This is arguably the most renowned synergy within the game. When deployed individually, both Mica and Seeha tend to fall short. However, when paired together, they metamorphose into an unstoppable duo. Mica is capable of holding the frontline, simultaneously inflicting damage in her vicinity. Her Ultimate ability causes damage to the entire enemy team, stunning them momentarily, which offers precious seconds for recovery. Conversely, Seeha’s instantaneous and sustained healing abilities become remarkably potent, enabling her to single-handedly maintain the frontline. Just bear in mind that without the utilization of her ultimate, Seeha’s healing is restricted to nearby allies.

Further, since both Mica and Seeha belong to the ‘Beast’ faction, merely adding another Beast character will enable the team to avail the initial Faction bonus – a topic we will delve into later.

Striking Partnerships: Jacqueline and Velanna, Naiah and Mephi

Jacqueline Combined with Velanna

Jacqueline’s primary ability allows her to teleport directly into the enemy’s backline at the onset of the battle, sowing chaos and inflicting a bleed status on her adversaries. Following this, Velanna’s ultimate ability amplifies the inflicted damage and stuns the backline since her power escalates when she is targeting enemies that are already bleeding.

Naiah in Association with Mephi

Naiah’s damage output may appear to be a notch below other characters who are primarily damage dealers. However, her ability to attach a sleep debuff to her skills is a game-changer in itself. Partnering her with Mephi, who can reduce the entire enemy team’s DEF and escalate their chances of critical hits, transforms Naiah into a formidable force. Moreover, Mephi herself also contributes a respectable DPS and a six-second stun.

A Starting Point: Effective Early-Game Teams

Outlined below are some commendable early-game teams that leverage the aforementioned synergies. It should be noted that characters like Adrianne and Ayame, due to their relative difficulty in acquisition and cultivation, have not been included in these teams.

Undead and Human Alliance

In this team, Velanna is the primary offensive force, with her astounding damage output often making secondary DPS redundant.

Jacq is tasked with teleporting to the backline and eliminating the Casters/Supporters concealed there.

Petra, an exceptional early-game tank, is especially effective when up against more powerful enemies. Her self-healing and damage are influenced by the enemies’ HP, not hers, making her particularly resilient.

Claire serves as a sub-tank, primarily functioning as a disruptor. She jumps to the backline, diverting some of the heat off Jacq and Velanna.

Finally, Catherine’s role is to provide shields and healing to allies, often preventing fatalities with her invincibility.

Fairy and Human Confluence

Viv’s impressive damage output positions her as the team’s main carry. However, Mephi can also take up this role if more duplicates of her are available, allowing Viv to shift to a more supportive position.

Chloe, a satisfactory tank in the early stages (with enhanced power later on), has the ability to taunt the entire enemy team, proving particularly detrimental to enemy Assassins.

The Beast and Human Blend

In this combination, both Dora and Mica can act as the main carries, allowing for a preference-based selection.

Transition to the Big Leagues: Effective Late-Game Teams

Team 1 – The Wabbit-God Formation

This is the currently dominant meta team, designed to ease progression through the endgame chapters. The entire team is built to exploit Honglan’s speed and mana manipulation abilities to disrupt enemy formation and skill synergy, often even preventing them from deploying any skills. The beauty of this team is that any of Honglan, Talia, and Vivienne can act as the main carry.

For the formation, a 1-4 setup with Chloe as the sole tank is common, but this requires a strong Chloe – at least at Origin and Level 200 for Chapter 17. In earlier chapters, a slightly weaker Chloe can be accommodated.

While Chloe, Viv, Honglan, and Talia are the team’s core, the last position is flexible. Although I frequently use Catherine for her healing, shielding, and invincibility (which aids Chloe’s survival), anyone can fit this role. Naiah, Claire, or Jacq are often slotted into this spot, depending on the enemy formation. Adrianne is also a suitable candidate, especially when the need arises to pull someone from the back.

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