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Harnessing Penguins Effectively in Epic Seven: A Comprehensive Guide

Epic Seven, the captivating role-playing game, employs a plethora of fascinating elements, chief among them being the ubiquitous penguins. They are primarily harnessed for three core objectives:

  1. Boosting Hero Levels: They facilitate the enhancement of Hero levels, thereby improving their overall performance metrics.
  2. Optimizing Fodder Units & Phantasmas: Penguins play a vital role in escalating the levels of Fodder Units and Phantasmas, preparing them for subsequent promotions.

Before delving deeper, it’s crucial to understand that there exist three distinct types of penguins:

Rarity Experience Gained
Novice Penguin 5,500 EXP
Accomplished Penguin 16,500 EXP
Legendary Penguin 49,500 EXP

It’s imperative to bear in mind the core tenet of rarity: the more exclusive an element, the harder it is to obtain. Therefore, acquiring Legendary Penguins is no easy feat, and is only possible through Shops, Achievements, or Events. Therefore, it is wise to exercise prudent judgement in utilizing your Penguins.

Methodologies for Rearing Penguins

There are a few distinguished methods for rearing penguins, which we will elaborate on later. However, for those who appreciate brevity, here’s a concise breakdown of the most popular methods:

  • Conquering stages with max-level units (most effective farming technique)
  • Exchanging items in shops
  • Exploring the Forest of Souls
  • Participating in events
  • Earning achievement rewards

Capitalizing on Penguins for Leveling Up

Heroes’ Leveling Up

While Heroes can gain experience by traversing through Adventure Stages or embarking on Expeditions, Penguins expedite this process, allowing them to level up significantly faster.

Elevating Phantasmas

Phantasmas serve as the primary units for Hero Promotions. Each promotion necessitates them to level up to their maximum, facilitating their elevation to higher grades. This is where Penguins’ role becomes paramount.

Rather than laboriously advancing each Phantasma through Adventure Stages, Penguins can streamline the process.

Uplifting Fodder Units

While Penguins are not a necessity for enhancing Fodder Units, many players resort to using them when they run out of Mega-Phantasmas.

A certain sect of players considers leveling up Fodder Units with Penguins and promoting them to level 3 – to serve as Promotion Materials for max-level 3 Phantasmas – as a cost-effective method of usage.

Whether you choose to level up your Heroes, Phantasmas or Fodder Units, Penguins serve as a beneficial resource in Epic Seven, and understanding how to use them effectively can greatly aid in your gameplay.

Now that we’ve explored the primary uses of Penguins in Epic Seven, let’s dive into the different methods to acquire them. There are approximately five methods, each with its own unique attributes:

1. Exchange Shops: A Rewarding Purchase

Interestingly, Experienced Penguins can be procured from a variety of shops:

  • Event Currency Exchange Shop
  • Friendship Point Exchange Shop
  • Transmit Stone Shop

Each shop necessitates a distinct currency, and the Penguins available for purchase do command a high price. As a result, it’s entirely up to the player whether they deem the investment worthwhile.

2. Forest of Souls: The Penguin Sanctuary

The Forest of Souls stands as a source of free Penguins. However, your acquisition of these creatures is subject to a specific duration, contingent on the level of your Forest of Souls.

For those whose schedules don’t permit the luxury of waiting, Stigma can be utilized to secure Penguins instantaneously. Alternatively, you could choose to wait for Phantasmas or Molagoras instead.

The possibility of acquiring Experienced Penguins or even the coveted Epic Penguins exists within the Forest of Souls. However, such fortunate events hinge upon having the right upgrades implemented in your Forest of Souls.

In the grand scheme of Epic Seven, Penguins serve as a versatile asset, and understanding the mechanics of acquiring and using them will indubitably provide a significant advantage in your gameplay. It’s all about strategizing and optimizing your resources to elevate your gaming prowess.

3. Events: Occasions of Opportunity

Participation in Events within the game typically rewards you with at least a couple of Experienced Penguins. On rarer occasions, you might even be fortunate enough to score an Epic Penguin. For those considering this route, it’s advisable to maintain regular checks on the Events Page within your Mailbox.

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4. Achievement Rewards: Benefits of Accomplishment

Penguins often emerge as rewards for fulfilling specific criteria on both the Adventure Map and the Event Map. This includes Region Rewards and Quest Rewards associated with Adventure maps, bestowed upon successful completion of all stages within a particular region.

Reputation Rewards, alternatively, form part of Event Quests and become accessible upon meeting diverse requirements associated with the event.

5. Clearing Stages with Max Level Units: The Optimum Method

Following recent modifications to the game, clearing stages with max-level units has emerged as the most effective Penguin farming strategy.

The process involves deploying Heroes at their maximum level to conquer each stage. The surplus EXP then metamorphoses into Penguins. The number of Penguins you amass depends on the difficulty level of the stage, the bonuses provided by your Pet, and any additional EXP boosts you’ve armed yourself with.

Pro Tip: For those seeking to optimize Penguin farming through this method, it’s advisable to navigate stages equipped with a Blessing of Knowledge or an EXP Booster buff on your account and a Pet possessing EXP Boosting Skills. These enhancements significantly amplify your EXP yield per run, thereby enabling you to farm a greater number of Penguins with each completed stage.

Epic Seven is as much a game of strategy as it is one of adventure. Effectively securing and utilizing Penguins within the game allows players to harness their full potential and enhance their gaming experience.

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