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Guide to Character Ascension in Eversoul

The primary progression system in Eversoul is Ascension, a mechanism that enhances the strength of your characters, or Souls, and elevates the maximum level they can reach.

Navigating the Ascension Interface

Commencing your journey of Ascension requires you to visit ‘The Ark’. Accessible directly from the main lobby, press the ‘Ascend Soul’ tile to proceed.

Before venturing further, it’s essential to comprehend the distinct character classifications present in Eversoul. In essence, there are three primary categories:

  1. Common Characters (white background – initial max level is 40): Regrettably, these characters have limited use. It’s advisable to activate the automatic discard option post-drawing them (accessible from The Ark). The Dust gathered from discarding can be utilized to purchase Rare/Epic Shards in the shop.
  2. Rare Characters (blue background – initial max level is 60): These characters come handy in the early game and principally serve as fodder for Epic characters in Eversoul.
  3. Epic Characters (purple background – initial max level is 100): These unique characters form the crux of your team.

Each character type has a cap on their ascension limit:

  • Common characters can’t progress beyond their initial rarity.
  • Rare characters can ascend up to the Legendary+ rarity.
  • Epic characters have the capacity to ascend up to the Transcended rarity.

Two crucial terms to be acquainted with are:

  • Combining: This refers to merging two identical Epic characters into one, evolving them into an Epic+ character. As soon as you acquire two matching characters from Epic rarity, they can be combined without any worry of mishap. This also applies to Rare characters, requiring three identical characters for a combination.
  • Ascending: This involves the fusion of diverse characters, where numerous things can potentially go wrong.

To encapsulate: Combining is safe; Ascending is risky. This guide aims to help you smoothly navigate through Ascension, preventing any costly errors.

Ascension Tiers

Having equipped ourselves with the fundamental information, let’s delve into the Ascension process. As Common characters cannot ascend, the Ascension hierarchy begins from a Rare character.

Rare > Rare+

This straightforward combination of three identical Rare-tier characters into a Rare+ one can be safely executed using auto-combination.


Rare+ > Epic

This is an Ascension of three Rare+ tier characters into an Epic one. The intelligent AI in Eversoul is capable of handling auto-combinations, picking the best combinations when multiple choices are available. To avoid errors, verify the combinations chosen by the Auto feature.


Epic > Epic+

This is a simple merging of two identical Epic tier characters into an Epic+ one, again safe to carry out using the auto-combination feature.


Epic+ > Legendary

The ascent from Epic+ to Legendary is the first intricate stage in the Ascension pyramid. Two primary errors can impede your progress at this point:

  1. Using a base Epic character as Fodder. This is a decision you should invariably avoid. It might seem appealing to sacrifice an Epic+ you deem superfluous, but eventually, you will need it either for Faction content or when the character receives an enhancement. So, restrict the use of Fodder to base Rare characters that you have ascended to Epic+.
  2. Ascending a character of which you only have two copies. The subsequent stage necessitates an Epic+ identical character, and if you don’t possess one, you may find yourself stagnated for a potentially extended duration.

Thus, in the spaces where the mystery character is seen, only place a Rare character that you’ve ascended to Epic+. Additionally, only ascend to Legendary characters for which you have four copies, ensuring enough to create two Epic+ characters.

The final important point is that the mystery Epic characters used as Fodder should belong to the same faction as the Epic+ you wish to promote.


Legendary > Legendary+

Thankfully, we return to less complex terrain here. You simply require an Epic+ copy of the character to ascend it from Legendary to Legendary+.


This stage represents the end of the line for base Rare characters, who cannot advance beyond the Legendary+ tier.

Legendary+ > Eternal

Reaching the Eternal tier requires the elevation of a Rare character, belonging to the same faction, through all the previous steps. This task demands numerous Rare characters and a considerable amount of effort. Also, avoid using a base Epic character ascended to Legendary+ as Fodder at this point.


Eternal > Eternal+

Essentially a replication of the previous stage – another Legendary+ character from the same faction is needed as Fodder.


Eternal+ > Origin

To arrive at Origin, combine the Eternal+ character with two Epic+ copies of the same.

In totality, to elevate a base Epic character to Origin, eight copies are required.



This step is optional, as it does not further increase the maximum level cap. However, combining the Origin character with Epic+ copies can further augment her strength, though the stat boosts from Transcending are more modest compared to previous stages.

You can Transcend a character up to +5.


Angels and Demons

The Ascension path for Angels and Demons differs slightly, as they have no fodder. Updates on their specific path will be included in this guide soon!

Level Cap

A character’s maximum achievable level hinges on its tier:

  • Common – Level 40
  • Rare – Level 60
  • Rare+ – Level 80
  • Epic – Level 100
  • Epic+ – Level 120
  • Legendary – Level 140
  • Legendary+ – Level 160
  • Eternal – Level 180
  • Eternal+ – Level 200
  • Origin – Level 240

Each character ascended to Origin adds +5 levels to the maximum level attainable.

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