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Eversoul Buliding Guide

Eversoul, a captivating role-playing game, combines strategic battles with charming anime-style characters, enticing players to dive into an immersive realm of adventure. Beyond the thrill of epic battles and the strategy of summoning souls from various factions, an additional element that amplifies the excitement is the concept of town building. If you find this term unfamiliar, don’t worry; this comprehensive guide will explicate the nuances of town building in Eversoul.

The Unique Combination of RPG Elements and Town Building in Eversoul

In Eversoul, players can partake in a wide range of RPG activities, as well as the intriguing concept of town building. This feature allows you to construct your town with stunning decorations and robust structures. Once your town is crafted to perfection and fortified in every aspect, you can freely explore it with your souls, your faithful battle companions, while warding off monsters that dare to breach your town’s peace.

If you are intrigued yet bewildered by the concept of town building, this guide will facilitate your understanding, helping you create a beautiful town while playing Eversoul on a PC. We recommend the LDPlayer 9 emulator as it offers features and tools that expedite your gaming journey.

Delving into the Town Building Concept

Before you start constructing your town, it’s important to grasp the basic principles underlying this concept. The gameplay outlines two main components of the town: a private land and a commercial district, both accessible with a single tap.

The game’s town system introduces the concept of day and night cycles, alternating every four hours. Different missions, some assigned for daytime and others for nighttime, are part of each town’s unique narrative.

Now that we’ve familiarized you with the town system, let’s explore the strategic steps involved in town building.

Prioritizing Buildings that Unlock Part-Time Jobs

The initial step in creating your private town involves placing buildings. The primary consideration in this process should be the potential benefits of each building. As a pro tip, the first type of building to establish in your town should be those that unlock part-time jobs.

With these buildings in place, up to three souls or Eversoul characters can be assigned to complete each part-time job. To maximize efficiency, consider referring to an Eversoul tier list to choose the best characters for your Eversoul team.

Certain part-time jobs are designed for daytime, while others cater to the night. Regardless of the time, ensure that souls are assigned to complete these jobs. Accomplishing more part-time jobs will result in an accumulation of town coins.

A bounty of town coins facilitates the purchase of more job-unlocking buildings, leading to a prosperous town. Prioritizing job-unlocking buildings is a recommended strategy for Eversoul beginners eager to efficiently construct their town. Buildings like Small Ateliers, Large Bakeries, Small Cafes, and Medium Forges unlock numerous daytime or nighttime jobs.

Focusing on Resource Buildings

Following the construction of job-unlocking buildings, your attention should shift towards resource buildings. These structures confer additional benefits to your gameplay and town. After their installation, resource buildings contribute to the productivity of your town and ensure a return on the investment of town coins used for their purchase. Notable examples of resource buildings in Eversoul include Fairy Pond, Ark Model, Chocolate Fountain, and Moon Castle.

Investing in Resource Buildings for Additional Benefits

As previously emphasized, upon constructing all buildings that unlock part-time jobs, your amassed town coins should be invested in resource buildings. These structures provide extra benefits for your town, often offering buffs or a variety of loot items produced within. A larger number of resource buildings in your town equates to a greater accumulation of gameplay resources, so make sure to continually add these buildings to your town.

Unleashing the Potential of the Town Shop

The town shop is a key feature in the game, offering a plethora of building options for your town. Within the shop, you’ll find different sub-categories; your focus should be on the town shop, where you can purchase everything necessary to build your town.

Before purchasing any building or decoration, you have the ability to tap on it and explore its potential benefits when placed in your town. If a particular item offers no significant use or benefit, it’s advisable to refrain from purchasing it. By doing so, you ensure that your town coins are never squandered on unnecessary items.

Establishing Houses and Allocating Souls

Once your town boasts an array of resource buildings and job-unlocking buildings, it’s time to start adding houses—an essential building type. After placing houses in your town, you can manage them by assigning a soul to each. This assignment provides additional buffs to your town, enhancing its protection.

Therefore, whenever you place houses in your town, make sure to allocate souls to inhabit them. You can assign one or more souls depending on the type of house, with options ranging from Small Manor of Indomitability, Small Manor of Valor, to Large Manor of Belief, and many more.

Adding the Touch of Aesthetics

Having established all essential buildings, it’s time to add charm and beauty to your town. This can be achieved by incorporating aesthetic buildings, which can be purchased from the town shop. Items such as the Moonlight Traditional Oil Lamp, Potted Apricot Tree, and Kiddy Wall can add an element of sophistication to your town. However, these aesthetic buildings don’t confer any gameplay benefits—they simply add visual appeal.

Final Thoughts

With the detailed insights provided above, we’re confident you now understand the intricacies of the town-building system in Eversoul. Now, armed with this knowledge, your journey through Eversoul should be marked with progressive success. Remember, initially focus on constructing buildings that unlock part-time jobs, and then pay attention to the other types of buildings to create a prosperous and aesthetically pleasing town.

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