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Conquering the Eversoul Challenge: A Comprehensive Guide to Stage 8-35

There is no doubt that Eversoul’s Stage 8-35 has emerged as an imposing barrier for a broad range of players, irrespective of their status as F2P or whale participants. It presents a formidable challenge with a significant power surge from the opposition coupled with an almost impenetrable defensive structure and flawless sustain.

This article aims to dissect various strategies and formations that can potentially help players triumph over Stage 8-35 of Eversoul. Additionally, it provides practical tips on team optimization to ensure victory.

Understanding the Opposition in Stage 8-35

To formulate an effective counter-strategy, it is imperative to first understand the enemy’s composition for Stage 8-35. Here is a snapshot of the adversary’s team, organized by proximity to the screen:

  1. Clara: Acts as a Supporter with a focus on healing and a passive ability offering +20% DEF to all allies.
  2. Sharinne: Serves as a Warrior, assuming the role of an off-tank damage dealer.
  3. Adrianne: Functions as a Defender, capable of healing and disrupting by stunning and pulling the farthest enemy closer.
  4. Linzy: Assumes the Warrior role, functioning as the main DPS, and can teleport to backlines to assassinate ranged units.
  5. Catherine: Performs as a Supporter, providing buffer and shielder services, and can heal allies.

The enemy team, boasting a total power of 135,585, expertly combines defense enhancement and consistent healing while Linzy meticulously chips away at your team.

Crafting a Winning Strategy for Stage 8-35

A few strategies have emerged as reliable solutions against the opponents in Stage 8-35. These tactics predominantly focus on leveraging certain units’ abilities during combat.

The Divide and Conquer Tactic

This strategy, shared by YouTuber Kyrios Yuudai, incorporates the following units, arranged by their proximity to the screen:

  1. Rita – Defender
  2. Claire – Defender
  3. Vivienne – Caster
  4. Jade – Caster
  5. Talia – Supporter

All units are upgraded to Level 110 and placed in a Ranged formation with two defenders in the uppermost positions, Vivienne in front, Jade following, and Talia at the lowest position.

The primary advantage of this arrangement is that your two defenders will absorb the aggression of enemy defenders and healers on the far right of the screen, while Linzy leaps to the far end to damage Jade, courtesy of one of her skills. This essentially isolates enemy healers from sustaining Linzy, simplifying the process of neutralizing their main DPS that could gradually debilitate your team if left unchecked.

The Sustain Disrupt Strategy

Kyrios Yuudai also shared another strategy that exploits Rebecca’s ability to halve the healing received by enemies through a debuff. The team’s formation includes:

  1. Chloe – Defender
  2. Petra – Defender
  3. Vivienne – Caster
  4. Rebecca – Ranger
  5. Talia – Supporter

The team uses a Basic formation with all units at Level 98. Despite having nearly half the CP compared to the enemies, this configuration emerged victorious. The strategy operates most efficiently if the main DPS, Vivienne in this case, has a higher ATK than Rebecca, allowing her to deliver high damage bursts while safeguarding Rebecca from Linzy’s abilities.

The Sleep Disruption Approach

This innovative strategy was shared by YouTuber KokkyGachas. The configuration, which includes mostly level +80 units and a borrowed Naiah, managed to succeed in Stage 8-35. Here’s the lineup, from furthest to the screen:

  1. Naiah – Caster
  2. Chloe – Defender
  3. Vivienne – Caster
  4. Clara – Supporter
  5. Talia – Supporter

The team employs a Basic formation with the units primarily around Level 81, except for the borrowed Naiah, who stands at Level 120. Naiah’s ability to put enemies to sleep for 4 seconds at a 50% chance proved to be instrumental in disrupting not only the healers but also the defenders. The advantage of this formation is the minimal effort required to level up the units. However, it does rely heavily on RNG for success. The good news is that there is no limit to the number of attempts.

Analyzing the Enemy’s Powerhouse: Linzy

Venturing into a more detailed analysis of the opponent’s main DPS, Linzy, provides critical insights into formulating your counter-strategy. Linzy’s potent abilities enable her to teleport to the backlines, catching your ranged units off-guard, and significantly damaging your team. By identifying suitable defensive units or creating strategies to isolate Linzy from her healers, you can turn the tables on this formidable adversary.

Essential Preparations: Upgrading and Leveling Up Units

In the quest to conquer Eversoul’s Stage 8-35, the importance of adequate preparation cannot be overstated. Equipping your team with the necessary levels and upgrades is an indispensable part of your strategy. Both the Divide and Conquer Tactic and the Sustain Disrupt Strategy highlighted earlier necessitate units to be at a certain level for optimal results. Tailoring your approach to suit your team’s strengths, resources, and capabilities can make the difference between success and failure.

Selecting the Right Formation: Ranged or Basic

A critical aspect of the strategic planning involves the judicious selection of the appropriate formation – Ranged or Basic. The Divide and Conquer Tactic employs a Ranged formation that proves advantageous in distracting the enemy healers and defenders. Conversely, both the Sustain Disrupt Strategy and the Sleep Disruption Approach favor the Basic formation. Understanding your team’s strengths, as well as the enemies you face, will guide you in selecting the best formation for your strategy.

Resilience in the Face of Failure: Retry Mechanism

An often overlooked but significant element of Eversoul’s game mechanics is the retry feature. Regardless of your strategy or preparation, sometimes success comes down to luck. The Sleep Disruption Approach, for instance, relies on the RNG to put enemies to sleep. If the first attempt doesn’t yield the desired outcome, it’s important not to lose heart. Resilience and persistence are key. The retry mechanism allows you to test various strategies, learn from failures, and ultimately carve your path to victory.

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