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Comprehensive Examination of Vivienne Mechanics

The Intricacies of Stun Mechanics

Taking a leaf from Jacqueline’s book, Vivienne possesses a stun bar mechanism, bestowing upon her immunity to all forms of crowd control. However, stuns alone can effectively whittle down this bar. Upon the stun bar’s total depletion, Vivienne is thrown into a state of paralysis for a defined duration. Consequently, a complete replenishment of your characters’ mana bars occurs, alongside the activation of their ultimates. It is thus strategically advantageous to unleash all your abilities just before the bar runs out – the stun abilities, of course, are ideally reserved until the end.

When her stun bar is broken, Vivienne experiences a 100% increase in received damage throughout the duration of the stun, making it the optimal time to utilize your most potent DPS ultimates.

The stun bar mechanism is instrumental in simplifying subjugation, as the amount of depletion in battle is a carry-over across teams. By cognizance of this, one can effectively employ “throwaway” stun teams to exhaust the bar prior to a major fight. However, it is crucial to avoid accidental depletion in the final seconds of a combat session after utilizing your powerful DPS ultimates, to preserve it for your next team’s fresh rotation.

The Crucial Main Skill

While not a novel feature, it’s vital to remain aware of Vivienne’s mana bar progression. When at maximum capacity, she deploys a massive area-of-effect (AoE) weapon that inflicts substantial damage on your team while throwing them back. Timely healing of your team or the application of defensive abilities right before the skill is deployed could be the difference between a saved run or a lost one.

As you ascend in difficulty levels, this skill becomes increasingly lethal.

Skill Progression at Different Levels

Level Skill Description
Basic The world-destroying witch conjures a fierce storm, inflicting 350% ATK damage on all enemies and hurling them backward with tremendous force.
Lv. 200 Inflicts an additional 175% ATK damage.
Lv. 300 Triggers the Laceration debuff causing 75% ATK damage every 2 seconds for 12 seconds.
Lv. 400 Enemies struck by the “Destructive Storm” suffer the “Imminent Destruction” debuff, which can accumulate up to 3 stacks. Each stack leads to: 1 stack – Permanent 30% decrease in Magic Resistance; 2 stacks – Permanent 20% decrease in Speed; 3 stacks – Incapacitation.

Tarnished Wisdom: An Essential Subskill

Another crucial element in Vivienne’s skillset is her subskill, Tarnished Wisdom. She remains stationary while channeling this skill, which inflicts damage over time and replenishes her mana. The resultant mana surge often results in the immediate use of her main skill – a potential threat to your team’s survival. At higher levels, it also imposes a damage-over-time (DoT) debuff that can be eliminated by deploying your main skill.

The Calamitous Storm of Doom

Upon reaching 20% of her health, Vivienne enters a state of fury, ceasing all movement and summoning a map-wide AoE damage skill that progressively intensifies. The stun mechanic becomes obsolete during this phase, and after a certain duration, even invulnerability skills like Catherine’s subskill fail to provide protection. Navigating the final 20% of her HP bar is critical for victory, though certain strategies can simplify this, as will be elaborated in this guide.

A Guided Combat Strategy

The following segment elucidates methods to simplify the fight, drawing from experiential examples. This guide is crafted for level 301 clearance, a 242 level sync, and average character ascensions/artifacts. Depending on your roster, you might want to attempt higher or lower difficulties.

The Initial 70%: The outset of the fight is relatively straightforward, provided you maintain your teams’ vitality. The initial 70% of Vivienne’s HP bar should be strategically exhausted by using her stun bar, breaking it only when you can maximize DPS (your best ultimates and teams). Given this strategy, you might opt to avoid breaking her bar throughout an entire team’s duration. For instance, in a sample run, the first break was reserved for team 2, allowing the Lizelotte team to execute two full DPS phases. Though your teams might vary, the underlying concept remains consistent.

Please note: Unless you possess multiple copies of Petra, it is strongly advised to reserve her for the final team.

The Critical 30% – 15%: This phase poses a challenge in team-building and stun bar optimization. Using example teams, the ideal scenario places her HP and stun bar at about half stun and 30% HP. Depending on your team’s DPS, it might need to be higher or lower.

Combat Scenarios

There are various strategies that can be employed at this stage of the fight. Let’s explore a few possible scenarios:

Scenario 1: The Powerhouse Attack: This strategy is beneficial when your team can deal considerable DPS. The key here is to trigger the stun just before Vivi’s HP dwindles to 20%. Subsequently, you deploy all your most potent DPS ultimates to reduce her HP to the bare minimum. The final team can then sweep in to eliminate the last vestiges of her HP during the storm.

Scenario 2: The Stun Filler Team Strategy: In this scenario, you utilize a stun filler team capable of dealing minor damage and slowly diminishing the stun bar to a single hit. This team must strictly avoid reducing her HP to 20%, or your next team will be left facing the storm without any stun capability. However, they should deal enough damage so that your next team starts approximately at 20% when the stun is activated. Though a complex strategy, it may be necessary if your DPS is low.

Scenario 3: The Risky DPS Strategy (Not recommended): Here, you save your Lize or best DPS team for the final phase. Eliminate her stun bar just before she reaches 20% HP, and destroy her in the stun phase before she slips into her berserk mode. This strategy demands impeccable timing and can prove to be extremely frustrating, and thus is not recommended unless you find thrill in high-risk strategies.

Navigating the Final 20%

This critical juncture is where Petra truly shines. Petra possesses a unique damage reflect subskill that returns the damage she receives back to the dealer after 18 seconds. The challenge here lies in keeping Petra alive long enough to reflect the damage. Depending on your prior stun/HP bar strategies, you could employ the following:

Stun Bar 1-2 hits off: Deploy a full undead team and stun her before she reaches 20% using Erusha/Jacq, then implement the usual Violette DoT nuke during the stun phase. This should inflict enough damage to allow Petra to finish her off once the rest of your team perishes when she emerges from the stun.

HP below 15%: Utilize a full sustain team that includes Catherine, which ensures Petra’s survival until she unleashes her reflect subskill. At this point, Vivi’s HP bar will disappear.

Exemplar Team Compositions

1. Fairy Team: This team offers a balance of mid-tier DPS and extensive stun bar manipulation, ideal for maintaining control over the battle.

2. Lizelotte + Beasts Team: This team is a powerhouse of DPS. Hold onto your stuns when deploying this team.

3. Human Team: This team provides a blend of stuns and DPS, making it perfect for setting up before your final DPS phase. You can either leave the stun or use it to bring her HP down to sub-20%.

4. Petra + Sustain Team: This team is best employed when Vivi’s HP is quite low. The primary goal is to keep Petra alive until she can unleash her devastating blow and obliterate Vivi with her own damage.

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