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An Initiate’s Handbook: Delving into the World of Eversoul

At its heart, Eversoul is an idle game. This implies that even in your absence, your account will steadily progress. For those eager to delve deeper into the genre or gain more insights into the game itself, we invite you to peruse our introductory guide available here.

Deciphering Eversoul: Glossary of Terms

Prior to delving into the guide’s meat, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with some fundamental terminologies utilized within Eversoul and similar idle games.

  1. Soul – The term for the playable characters in Eversoul.
  2. C, R, E – Abbreviations for Common, Rare, and Epic souls respectively, distinguished by green, blue, and purple backgrounds.
  3. “+” (for instance, R+) – Represents a sub-tier existing within the larger tiers.
  4. Food / Fodder – Souls employed to level up other Souls.
  5. Buff – A favorable influence that amplifies your Souls by enhancing their stats or conferring new abilities.
  6. Debuff – An unfavorable influence that weakens your Souls, essentially the antithesis of a buff.
  7. CC (Crowd Control) – An effect that interrupts a Soul’s combat actions. Stun and Sleep are classic examples of CC effects.
  8. DoT (Damage over Time) – A negative influence that inflicts damage on a Soul over a certain duration.
  9. Cleanse – An ability that eliminates debuffs from allied Souls.
  10. Dispel – An ability that eradicates buffs from enemy Souls.

The Soul Spectrum: Classes and Factions

Eversoul’s characters, or Souls, can be classified based on diverse criteria: Classes, Factions, and Rarity. Let’s demystify Classes first.

  1. Caster – These are your quintessential mages, safely tucked away in the backline while they unleash destructive spells on enemies. A majority of their damage typically emanates from their spells.
  2. Defender – These stalwarts are your team’s frontline, tasked with absorbing blows while safeguarding the team’s backline.
  3. Ranger – These characters deal damage from a distance. Situated in the backline like Casters, their abilities are lethal, and their regular attacks can also inflict substantial damage.
  4. Striker – These agile frontliners are equipped with less bulk compared to Defenders and Warriors, but compensate for it with higher damage output.
  5. Supporter – The lifeblood of your team. Without these healers or buffers, your team wouldn’t withstand the enemy onslaught. Their healing and buffing abilities are critical. Their safety is paramount!
  6. Warrior – These frontliners blend the best of both worlds. Balancing between the bulk of Defenders and the agility of Strikers, Warriors are a robust asset.

Eversoul’s Pantheon: Factional Analysis


The Human faction in Eversoul comprises versatile characters that fit seamlessly into any team.

Key figures from the faction include:

  1. Catherine – A quintessential Supporter found in most games. She possesses the ability to heal, shield, and buff her allies, and uniquely, she’s the sole Soul in the game who can render allies invincible.
  2. Claire – A Defender capable of self-buffing, shielding, healing, and casting CC effects on enemies.
  3. Aki – An Assassin with the ability to eliminate most characters in one shot, continuously resetting until the enemy team is wiped out.
  4. Linzy – A Warrior with an Assassin’s touch as she can teleport to the backline and eliminate crucial targets. She’s also the first Epic Soul everyone will receive for free from the tutorial.
  5. Mephistopeles – A Caster that employs massive AOE attacks and enhances the probability of enemies getting hit.


The Beast faction mirrors the Human faction in terms of universality, and their skills and passives make them adaptable to different teams. However, there are two characters, Mica and Seeha, who must be played in tandem.

Key figures from the faction include:

  1. Haru – A Striker who inflicts more damage on isolated enemies, with added damage if they are Bleeding.
  2. Honglan – A Caster whose speciality lies in battlefield control and inflicting hybrid (upfront and DoT) damage.
  3. Mica – A Striker who can debuff and CC enemies, gaining strength when Seeha is on her team.
  4. Seeha – A Supporter who can heal allies, offer healing over time buffs, and who gains strength when Mica is on her team.


The Fairy faction in Eversoul is renowned for its battlefield control through CC abilities.

Key figures from the Fairy faction include:

  1. Chloe – A Defender with the capacity to augment her DEF, control crowds, and taunt the entire enemy team. She also possesses a cheat death passive that allows her to heal when her HP plummets – though this only activates once per battle.
  2. Naiah – A Caster with the power to lull the entire enemy team (or a single significant target) into slumber.
  3. Talia – A Supporter capable of healing and buffing allies, rejuvenating their MP for quicker Active skill usage, and dispelling debuffs. Moreover, she can control crowds, debuff enemies, and her damage is formidable in the early game, making her a viable main carry.
  4. Vivienne – A Caster able to bestow Haste on allies and recharge her own MP rapidly. She also possesses crowd control capabilities.


The Undead faction in Eversoul excels in damage-over-time effects and debuffs.

Key figures from the Undead faction include:

  1. Jacqueline – A Striker capable of assassinating low HP enemies, becoming invisible, and causing Bleed in enemies.
  2. Petra – A Defender who can siphon HP from enemies for self-healing and dispel enemy buffs. She also has the ability to shield all allies.
  3. Prim – A Supporter who can heal allies, amplify their ATK, dispel debuffs, control crowds, and diminish enemies’ critical chance.
  4. Velanna – A Warrior adept in AOE damage and inflicting Bleed on enemies.
  5. Violette – A Caster who can enhance her own ATK and damage output based on the quantity of DoT effects on enemies.


The Angel faction is unique in Eversoul – they can only be countered by the Demon faction and are significantly more challenging to acquire and nurture. Currently, there’s only one character in the Angel faction, making their theme hard to discern.

Available characters:

  1. Adrianne – A Defender who can heal allies, control crowds, and attack significant targets. She grows stronger when more enemies surround her.


The Demon faction mirrors the Angel faction in uniqueness – they can only be countered by the Angel faction and are considerably challenging to acquire and elevate.

Available characters:

  1. Ayame – A Caster who specializes in damage over time and has the ability to Charm enemies, rendering them helpless.
  2. Lizellote – A Ranger who can double the effect of most buffs that affect her, enabling her to deal substantial single-target damage.

The Hierarchy of Rarity Tiers

Each character in Eversoul belongs to one of three rarity tiers: Common, Rare, and Epic.

  1. Common characters (green – max level is 40) are scarcely utilized at the game’s outset and are eventually traded for a currency that can be expended in one of the shops.
  2. Rare characters (blue – max level is 60) find utility in the early game, but Epic characters soon supersede them. Nonetheless, Rare characters have a crucial function – they can be upgraded to Epic rarity (and beyond) and serve as fodder to enhance your Epic characters’ rarity.
  3. Epic characters (purple – max level is 100) will form the backbone of your team upon acquisition. However, obtaining a single copy of them isn’t sufficient.

In idle games like Eversoul, starter rarities are just the stepping stones. While their names haven’t been revealed yet, we know what colors the higher rarities will be: orange, pink, and a blue/purple gradient.

To ascend to these higher rarities, you’ll need to elevate Rare characters to Epic and use them as fodder. Additionally, you’ll need duplicates of the Epic characters you intend to use.

Building Your Ultimate Team

An Eversoul team comprises five characters, and similar to other games, additional stats are rewarded for using more characters from the same faction. Here’s how it works:

  • 3 characters from the same faction – +10% ATK and +10% HP.
  • 5 characters each from a different faction – +10% ATK and +10% HP.
  • 3 characters from one faction and 2 from another – +15% ATK and +15% HP.
  • 4 characters from the same faction – +20% ATK and +20% HP.
  • 5 characters from the same faction – +25% ATK and +25% HP.

The Angel and Demon factions, however, play by different rules. An Angel faction character added to your team is treated as if it belongs to the most represented faction on your team. For instance, with 3x Undead, 1x Fairy and 1x Angel, you would receive a 4-faction bonus as the Angel character would be treated as Undead.

The Demon faction operates differently – they don’t interact with other factions, but they provide bonuses based on the number of Demon characters in the team:

  • 1x Demon – +15% ATK.
  • 2x Demon – +15% ATK, +10% Crit chance.
  • 3x Demon – +15% ATK, +10% Crit chance, +20% Crit dmg.
  • 4x Demon – +20% ATK, +15% Crit chance, +25% Crit dmg.
  • 5x Demon – +25% ATK, +20% Crit chance, +30% Crit dmg.

In Eversoul, team formations also grant different bonus stats. You can select from four formations:

  • 3 back + 2 front – front characters get +9% DEF and HP, and back characters get +6% ATK.
  • 2 back + 3 front – front characters get +6% DEF and HP, and back characters get +9% ATK.
  • 4 back + 1 front – front character gets +16% DEF and HP, and back characters get +4% ATK.
  • 1 back + 4 front – front characters get +4% DEF and HP, and back character gets +16% ATK.

Vital Tips for Team Composition!

While the theory might urge you to build your team for faction buffs, in reality, especially in the early game, you’d want to prioritize your progress over obtaining faction buffs. This is because you’ll be restricted by the availability of fodder. Using more characters from one faction would subsequently slow down your progress.

To accelerate your progression, consider the following steps:

  • Select one character from each of the four primary factions (Humans, Beasts, Fairy, and Undead) that you have most duplicates of.
  • For the fifth spot, choose a second character from the faction you have the most duplicates and fodder.
  • Deploy the characters you want to use in your team in the Synchro Device – this enables you to level them past their level cap and keeps them usable.

Remember that this strategy works when the tier difference is 1-2 tiers. If it’s more substantial, the stat bonus you receive from Ascending up a tier will be too significant, and you will need to modify your plan. This method allows you to distribute your Fodder evenly and progress faster. Simultaneously, you can still build your team to make use of the Faction bonuses.

Navigating Early Progression

As you embark on your Eversoul journey, a tutorial awaits. It will guide you on setting up a formation, using Active and Ultimate skills, leveling a character, among other elements. You will also receive Linzy midway through the tutorial. The tutorial will take approximately 15-20 minutes if you decide to skip all the cutscenes.

At the tutorial’s end, you will unlock the Summoning feature and obtain the Infinite Newbie Ticket. As the name suggests, you can reroll this ticket as many times as you wish. After a pull using this ticket, you will receive 10 characters, with only one being Epic. However, this is sufficient to secure the character you desire, so don’t hesitate to roll as long as you need to. Once you accept the pull, the game will progress.

Keep advancing through the story to unlock additional features.